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  • TLG Type Steel Catle Carner Senes
  • TLG Type Steel Catle Carner Senes

    Product Classification:Steel Cable Carrier Series

    Characteristic:TLG type steel cable carrier can carry numerous and heavy cables and oil pipe.

    TLG type steel cable carrier can carry numerous and heavy cables and oil pipe. The non-support length is long(supporting wheel can be absent). Supporting plates can be customized according to requirements. The steel cable carrier is used with machine tools and mobile machinery. The bending rad1us ranges from 75mm to 600mm, and height of link plates 50mm to 150mm, which can be ordered on request.

    The maximum travel range of TLG steel cable ca rrier is 32 meters. It's applicable to all transmission modes. The length is at customers' discretion. Besides, the bending radius can be modified by hinge pins.

    Width of supporting plates is 50mm to 600mm, and the distance between holes is Smm.

    Height of link plates, which is the height of supporting plates,is determined by the cable with the largest diameter. When the machine is operated at the maximum speed, if the width of the cable carrier is more than 300mm, length more than 4m. cable carriers of larger specifications are reco'l'lmended in consideration of stability.

    Then bending radius is deterrn1ned according to the largest diameter among the cables, and it has to be no less than 10 times of the diameter of the cable. The bending radius can be selected from the range of 50mm to 600mm. Cable carriers of short travels match small bending radius.

    Length of the cable earner- 112 travel+4 bending radius, which is applicable when the fixed end is on the middle of the travel.

    The connection can be selected aocording to the situation of the machinery. The brackets can be fixed to the inside or outside of the link plates, and the connections to machineries can be inward or outward the cable carrier. Usually the brackets are fixed to the outside the chain plates and they can be fixed to the outside as well.

    TLG type steel towline main parameters and dimensions of supporting:

    Model Bending radius Pitch Maximum aperture Chain height Thickness of chain plate Thickness of isolator Connector aperture Connector hole size
    TLG20 75/100/150/200/250/300 75 32 50 8 3.5 30 9
    TLG30 115/150/200/250/300/400 100 50 75 10 3.5 50 11
    TLG40 185/200/250/300/400/500 125 70 100 14 3.5 70 13
    TLG50 250/300/400/500/600 175 118 150 14 4.5 115 13
    TLG50 250/300/400/500/600 180 118 150 14 4.5 115 13

    Model Radius Length Width of support plate Fixed mode Installation form
    TLG50 300 6875 350 D/E "S"

    What makes TLGA aluminum cable carrier diflerenl is lhat it can fulfill various demands wilh fixed bars. The support pfale can be as wide as 1200mm. In maximum speed and operation speed, lhe interior or lhe cable carrier is invulnerable, which will put lhe cables under best protection.

    The defaut package is one supporling plate for every two link plates.If you need supporting plate for every link plale, please inform us when placing orders.

    For steel cable carriers with Silver Star aluminum alloy plates, order models are TLG20, TLG30, TLG40 and TLGSO.

    TLG Cable Carriers with Stainless Steel Belt

    Elastic steel belt can be fixed ilside or outside the cable carriers to protect the cables and keep it clean inside, which proves most reliable.

    Features of Silver Star Covering Plates:

    Elegant appearance.

    The structure has been tested tor more than 15 years.

    It can provide extremely stable and firm protection tor cables.

    The width can be as long as 1000mm.

    The cable carrier can be opened from all sides.

    Silver Star covering pla te can be installed any time upon customers ' request.