Introduction of high speed guide shield

The main purpose of the protective cover is to protect chips when they are processed, and to spray or infiltrate the cutting fluid into the inner part of the machine, and cause damage to the precise components such as guideway, motor, grating ruler, inductor and screw rod. The protective cover is based on the machine tool required stroke and position size and design a multi chip combination mode, the traditional drag shield by a piece of a push to generate displacement, so both charge behavior or tensile, impact and drag are required to produce driving force and condensation, therefore at high speed also, not only caused great noise, the protective cover can not parallel motion caused structural damage, and may even be instantly damaged caused by mechanical damage, damage, injuries and other work. In the use of traditional machine tool, because of its simple structure, simple cutting conditions and mobile speed is slow, so the protective cover is not as demanding, but in the face of future high-speed machine tools with high speed and high precision and diversified processing conditions, design and manufacture of protective cover is required to consider the following questions:

1.high mobility: taking Taiwan as an example, the moving speed of the Taiwan machine tool about 60m/min, however, Europe America and Japan machine tool factory has developed machine tool to 120m/min or even 200m/min speed, how to withstand high speed and high acceleration structure shield this high-speed mobile (3G, 4G), and the intensity of resonance stability and durability caused by the problem, which must be resolved in order to ensure that under long-term use can effectively achieve the protective cover without affecting the machining accuracy.

2.high precision demand: in the high-speed mobile machine, start and brake are required to have more power, but also need a high standard of precision, so the protective cover not only the quality of light, and the need to walk quite smooth no drag, some impact, not parallel and interference problems, so. Resistance and structure of small and stable on the parallel machine tool so as not to affect the precision of the micro mobile.

3.high protection and stringent environmental protection requirements: enhance the industrial environment constantly, safety and health requirements increasingly urgent, whether security personnel or machine noise are quite strict, how to reduce the impact of noise in high mobility environment, how to protect the body and internal components of machine tool in processing multiple effective conditions, problems and challenges D face shield.

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