High speed machine tool guide shield

The machine tool industry is the foundation of the whole manufacturing industry, and the high speed, high efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence, and the function of the machine tool are the direction of the development of CNC machine tools. The guideway cover door machine guide, ball screw, motor, switch cable and other mechanical and electrical components from chips and coolant damage, and beautify the appearance of the machine tool indispensable accessories; but with the high speed cutting machine movement speed increase, the traditional drag low speed multi chip combination guide rail hood because of its movement the speed of not more than 30m/min, therefore, can not meet the requirements, must adopt the high speed machine tool guideway cover.

High speed machine fast speed has reached 200m/min, so the problem of how to consider the structure of guideway cover bearing strength, durability, stability, resonance speed and high acceleration caused by the high speed movement, these problems must be solved, in order to ensure the long-term use under the condition of effective protection and does not influence the mechanical processing precision. At present, there are two types of guideways for high-speed machine tools, that is, high-speed Synchronized Mechanism SM shield and high-speed parallel moving parallel mechanism (Synchronized & Paralleled Mechanism SPM) shield.

High speed machine tool guideway cover is essential function of high-speed machine tool, choose to use the same actuator in high speed or high speed with protective cover dynamic parallel mechanism of protective cover, selected according to the moving speed of the machine; at the same time, in order not to affect the precision of the machine tool, must ensure the shield and auto parts manufacturing and assembly precision. In order to meet the requirements of high speed machine tool and machine tool noise and other environmental protection in the process of moving fast.

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