High speed parallel mechanism protective cover

High speed and the action principle of dynamic parallel mechanism of protective cover is based on the same dynamic mechanism, to improve the same actuator moves at high speed under the same actuator shaft bobbing on the left and right sides are not collinear problems, at the same time on both sides of the shaft pivoting on each piece of the shield, reduce friction resistance generated by the torque the protection cover askew phenomenon. Therefore, the high speed parallel mechanism protective cover can greatly improve the stability and reliability of the protective cover, and also improve its motion speed.

In the structure, high speed and same actuator guideway cover compared with the dynamic parallel mechanism for double pivot pivoted with the body and for the single degree of freedom mechanism, thus the assembly has a high-speed parallel mechanism with dynamic protective cover, will greatly improve the speed of same actuator guideway cover defects, reduce askew, same actuator in high speed when the distortion and the dead, and the movement speed will be greatly improved. Therefore, the speed of the high speed parallel mechanism protection cover is up to 200m/min, and the acceleration is up to 2G. At the same time, each protective cover is fixed on the rail slot board (also can be the guide rail), which can increase the rigidity of the shield, and the bearing capacity of the shield will also increase.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that both the protective cover of the high speed mechanism and the protective cover of the high-speed parallel mechanism have the following advantages:

1.smooth operation, high moving speed and high acceleration.

2.running low noise;

3.it can be used in the horizontal direction or in the vertical direction.

Although two kinds of high-speed and parallel guideway shields are superior to those of traditional low speed telescopic rail guards, they are more stable, high speed and high acceleration and low noise, and their advantages are more obvious, but their manufacturing accuracy and requirements are higher. The guide rail shield with the same length of contraction is much smaller than the guide rail protective cover of the same moving mechanism. A guide shield with short contraction length is not applicable to the guide rail shield with the same moving mechanism.

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