How to open the European market of homebred machine tool chai

Now the domestic market share of European engineering plastic towline towline is still very high, mostly German brands, with the rise of the domestic machine tool chain, recovered in domestic market at the same time, is also trying to go abroad, so that in the industrial power market occupies a space for one person in europe. Then, the domestic chain to open the European market will do what work, what are the problems of domestic machine tool chain also, for the following analysis on this issue:

1. Increase the variety of products to meet the demand of the market.

The development of European and American drag chain more perfect, with scientific research institutions to do a very good solid backing for it, but due to the development of the domestic machine tool chain, so in the early stage of late, in accordance with the copycat imitation, but with the progress of technology, in imitation of the technology to the technology innovation, so as long as the pattern continues, in the international market gradually gain a firm foothold is not a problem.

Two. The quality is king and the price is supplemented.

Quality is always the fundamental pursuit of customer, the price as a reference which is no exception to this chain of industrial products, so the domestic machine tool chain must constantly improve the quality of products, to give the product a proper price, believe that customers will not give up the European market in this case.

Three, follow up the propaganda and go out of the country.

There is a saying "good wine is also afraid of deep alley, no matter how good things others can not be found, so, how to make their own" good "for outsiders to know? The domestic enterprises to do enough propaganda work, more effective way is through the network and participate in the international exhibition.

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